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September 25, 2017:

  1. Handing out a private key from a closed club Millenium with an annual membership of a club member
  2. Realization of the personal program of sales of the partners’ projects with the representatives of the governing bodies of the country of the organizer on the issue of cooperation and partnership
  3. Granting of the area to the partner for placing of advertising production and presentation of business.
  4. Presentation of the partner company from the stage (subject to prior accreditation)
  5. Participation in the Congress of Real Estate 2017
  6. Handout
  7. An indicative tour of the developers of Bavaria with a tour of Munich (as a gift by appointment)
  8. Visiting the show from the modeling agency (as a gift by appointment)
  9. Evening entertainment program.
  10. Invitation for 2 persons at the Diamond After Party.

September 26, 2017 (by appointment):

  1. An indicative tour of the builders of Bavaria with a tour of Munich
  2. A personal invitation to the closed Event Lowenbrau Oktoberfest, (inclusive: 2 liters of beer and a buffet table)

What will your advertising look like:

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Gift 1

PSI factor
Business psychology

Todd Acamesis and Sky Acamesis. Metaphysics and Spiritual Technologies of the Future. Light machine, sound massage gong.

Gift 2

Special screening of the film «The Passenger from San Francisco»

Presentation of the feature film «Passenger from San Francisco» (Russia-USA), participant of the closed screening festival in Cannes 2017. Meeting with the producer and director Anatoly Balchev.

* You can receive one of 2 gifts simply by registering in the form on our website.