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About us

We are opening new opportunities!

The International Congress of Real Estate and Investment 2018, which presents investors, development companies, innovative technologies, banks, brokers, insurance agents and others from around the world in the 2nd edition this year, will be the most important event of the season. When you invest your savings with a view to earning, you expect the greatest income with minimal risks and in the shortest possible time.

The work of the Congress will help to make the right decision in favor of a certain niche of business and a certain company. Under the auspices of the largest investment funds in 2018, the organizers of the Congress prepared a new program with expanded geolocation of official events.

The Congress Team

Maxim Mstislavtsev
Sales Manager
Anastasia Nikolaeva
Assistant to the Head of СМР ехро
Sergey Besedin
The official representative of the co-organizer of the congress of the Siberian Federal District of Russia
Anna Stukkert
Organizer, event-manager of the congress
Vitalius Baranauskas
Entrepreneur, Producer
Andrey Lebedev
Co-organizer of the Congress, official representative in Russia
Alisa Khaustova
Expert and leading marketer of the Congress
Anton Khaustov
Promotional Specialist
Anastasia Sukon'ko
Designer, leading marketer of the congress
Saida Kolachevskaya
PR and creative manager
Ruslana Vinnik
Head of Sales in Munich
Maxim Denisenko
Senior Web developer
Alla Kumpfmueller
External Communications Manager
Roman Ananyev
Plenipotentiary representative of the congress in the Republic of Belarus
Elena Fialkowski
Sales Manager


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